Here are a few testimonials from our customers:


I have a newly rebuilt ’71 motor that I couldn’t set the timing correctly. I wrote to Jeff and he got back to me immediately. He worked with me and gave me all kinds of insight. He identified my distributor and the changes it’s had over the years. It’s hard to guess someone elses work when you can’t see it in front of you. He directly nailed my (multiple) problems. When I got done today going over his suggestions my car now starts and runs beautifully. Everyone on this board praises him and now I see why.
All I can say is that if you have any distributor problems send it to Jeff and NO ONE ELSE! He’s the man!! Thanks again Jeff. Bob


Hi Jeff:

The recurved/rebuilt distributor arrived in Saturday’s (3-31) mail. My son Chris and I reinstalled it and “static timed” it early Sunday afternoon, and we were able to get in a short drive with him at the wheel, before taking him to Port Columbus for an evening flight back to college. When he hit the starter button, the engine caught almost immediately and settled into a purr that I haven’t heard from it in the 30+ years that I have owned the car. Chris has been driving seven years, and driving the Healey all that time, and he said that it was the absolute best that it ever has ever run since he has been driving it. I haven’t yet had my turn driving it since the distributor was reinstalled, but wanted to be prompt in thanking you for the rebuild. Wow!


Jerry E.
This customer is an engineer who built an MGB for his son to compete in a stock class of the SCCA’s national autocross championship. Recurving your distributor is one of the only performance enhancements allowed by the rules. This is his experience so far:

Randy, my son, just left to go back to the dorms. Got things set the way I like them being an old school racer, adjusted the SUs to a reasonably smooth idle and told the kid to go take for a test drive and tell me what you think. After about 20 minutes he comes back in the house and I ask “how did it go”? A kinda sheepish, forced back smile comes on his face and he nods and says “yes, its pretty spectacular. You, should take it for a drive”. I promptly took him up on that offer and I was simply amazed! It was precisely the missing link this engine needed to fully realize its potential. The acceleration of this car reminds me of my hot rod Chevy station wagon I used for a tow vehicle. It had an amazing 327 with 11:1 pistons and a stock 3/4 ton truck cam in it with, of course the “double bump 2.02 intake valve” heads on it. Was an absolutely amazing tow vehicle! Anyway I come back from the test drive and that MGB reminded me of that neck snapping acceleration of that small block Chevy. It is not that far behind, if any! It is just simply amazing how much your distributor has made our engine come alive. Thanks!!! I know 0 – 60 is under 10 sec maybe even mid eights. We had our second autocross of the season yesterday. Once again, Randy, my son, won the FSP class. Based on our times from the last autocross to this one and also using our benchmark of last years national champion times we picked up 5 seconds and have about 4 to 5 more to go. Last years national champ is now driving the “X” class and he has a co driver that Randy regularly beats in the FSP class. We are going to have to pick up that extra time in the handling department, because now that we have a proper distributor there is simply no more that can be obtained from that engine , legally. Last autocross we were 10 seconds behind Kevin Wentzille (’05 FSP national champ) and this autocross we were only 5 seconds behind him. Only difference is your distributor on the engine. THANKS!

Richard Tallon


Put my distrib. on this weekend (the one with the stuck vac. advance and you put elect. ignition on it). I was very pleased! I did have to adjust the carbs –esp. the idle a bit. It seems like it doesn’t need as much gas? Maybe that is just my car. Once it warms up a little there is a noticeable difference in power and smoothness.
Thanks, JM

Hi Jeff,
I went for a road test today. NICE!!!!!!!!! The car accelerated very well…
Joe P.

I received the corrected distributor today and installed. It works GREAT! I appreciate your service. I will send you my other 67 for the same treatment, as I get closer to that part of my restoration. The Pertronix Ignitor smoothed out my idle and performs nicely.

Ralph in Illinois

Finally, Canada Customs must have had the package in their warehouse for a week or so but they did not charge any duties. I am truly amazed at how good it looks, better than new for sure. I just cannot believe that you found one shaft with lobes without pit marks in that mess I sent you.
Jeff, thank you, you are truly a gentleman and your support to keeping these older MGs on the road is admirable.
With great appreciation
Morris E. Wadds

Hi Jeff

Am I correct in my thoughts that the car seems to have a quicker
throttle response and quicker acceleration.?
That is what it feels like.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the excellent DM2 distributor. Its beautiful and I’m a satisfied
Thanks again for a nice part

Alec L.

Just taking a moment to thank you for the rebuilt 25D. It’s been in the shop for a while and I only found time to install it this weekend. It made quite a difference in my 80 LE’s performance. It runs and idles much smoother and is more responsive on acceleration. I had thought a lot of my performance problems were from the Weber carb, but now convinced that much of it was weak spark. Thanks again.
Rick P.

Wanted you to know that I got the distributors. Great shape and lookn’ good. Easy installation. Can’t tell you it made a huge difference in the engine because of all of the other things I did, but in total, this is one hot engine! Your work is a big part of it. Thanks!

JEFF-thanks for lightning quick turnaround, and the great work on the distributor for my 68 tr250. Looks great polished, and install took 15 minutes. the pertronix makes a HUGE difference. will be sending you the distributor from my tr6 this winter for the same treatment. great work at a great price.
Mitch ’68 TR250

I put on my newly re-curved dizzy from Jeff at Advanced distributors today and the results are impressive. She was smooth before, but now its as if someone flipped a switch. Much better response. Much crisper feel. If you haven’t had your dizzy re-curved yet I highly recommend getting it done. My car is acting like a kid again.
David ’70 BGT
I’ve seen that Jeff has been getting a lot of good press here on the board lately….Let me tell you, He deserves it all. At the very least a re-curve will give you smoother acceleration and spot on advance throughout the rpm’s. I had just bought a re-built dizzy from Advance Auto parts. And even though the re-built dizzy had a new rotor bushing and was clean it was curved poorly. The $25.00 Jeff charged me for the re-curve was the best spent MG money this year! My car was asleep. Jeff woke it up.
I’m looking forward to experiencing your handiwork on the road. By the way, I’ve really appreciated the great communication and fast turn around. I wish I could say that I’ve had the same experience with other vendors during this restoration, but I can’t. Seems like many don’t really care if they have return customers or not.
Jeff, it’s been installed & is working great. I had no idea the engine
could run this smooth! Thanks again.
Mick 1957 100-6 Healey

As happy as I was last night, when I got great results by installing a new fuel filter, I’m absolutely amazed at the results of installing Jeff’s dizzy. The car, which was “missing” on idle, and to some degree at higher revs, even after the fuel supply was cleared, started on the first try, and sounded GREAT instantly. The idle was not only smooth but it amazingly set itself at 900rpm. I took it around the block and it revs in the 3000 to 4000 range smoothly for the first time.

What a difference. It sounds and drives better; even the temp has reduced slightly!

I have it advanced at 15 degrees and it seems to like it there.

Thanks to all of you for your tips and thanks to Jeff for his mastery in the field of distributor science! I finally have this car performing normally!!!

As noted on the Forum, you saved the day. I took your advice and installed yours…. light years better, even after the fuel filter fiasco! Thanks again. I’ll deal with the jet situation once I move and determine how lean I am.

You really know what you’re doing, sir.

DD ’76 MGB
Yea, I know this has been said before, but Jeff S. at Advanced is the man!

Having suspected an issue with a new 45d Eurospec, and after some very helpful email advice from Jeff. I boxed up the unit and shipped it off to Advanced. Well the unit is in, and without even checking the timing the car is running 100% better. The cost?? Damn reasonable! The free advice – priceless!

It’s guys like Jeff and other like him (you know who you are) that make this hobby what it is.

Carl ’72 MGB
Went ahead and dialed in 34 degrees the first time, since I have to get my neighbor to come over and help. Car runs like a stripe-ed ape!!! A real noticeable performance increase. I have a nice and steep mountain just up the road. I have no pinking. Im thinking on marking the dist. location as is, and then increase till I hear some pinking. Then I can back off. I always run the same premium fuel. What do you think????
Ok…Grinning customer here! Jeff , recurved my distributor, found that I was using a 25D rotor in a 45D distributor (what a dumbass), changed my dizzy bushing to a one piece unit. The cars performance has noticably increased. Bet my power curve will look alot better at the next dyno day at the Brit car club. Another happy customer at the Neely house.
Jeff, Ill try to be short. The car runs like a bat out of hell. I changed the spark plugs and went to .035 instead of .032. The retro-dizzy is at 36 Total degrees BTDC (3500) at this point. I finally figured out my HiFs. I had the springs on the cold start valves on bass-akwards. Got the carbs, in my guestimation, a little lean, but still the engine has the meanest deep rich sound up to 6000 rpm. Runs so good its scarry. Going to have to go ahead and get a new OE brake MC from the Autoist. Pumping the brakes as I have all my life with these cars is not an option with the way this B is running. Thought youd want to know!! Thanks Jeff


Hi Jeff,

I just wanted to say “thanks” for the magic you performed on my Lucas, the two Unilite, and the Ford Autolite. The Jag 4.2 seems very happy with it’s newly rebuilt Lucas running the show. I’ve “pushed” your name along to whomever will listen and knows the value of having your type worked performed.

Merry Christmas ….Happy New Year to you and the family!

’64 1//2 Mustang Cvt.
’67 Etype 2+2
The distributor arrived in today’s mail and it’s on the car. The car started better than it ever has…very quick with just a little choke. I set the timing at the factory setting of 4 BTDC and the car runs very strong. I was able to get just a very, very minor bit of pinking by flooring the accelerator while at 45 mph cruise, but that may be the 93 octane blended gas versus the 103 octane leaded gas that the car was built to run on. There was no pinking under heavy acceleration through the gears (3-speed automatic). The car is simply running far better than it ever has; almost like a new car. I had documented the rpm per mph before you rebuilt the distributor, and one reading was 3500 rpm for 65 mph. With the distributor rebuilt, it takes only 3300 rpm for 65 mph. This is all very good news for us. Good job.
Chuck MGC
I sent Jeff an old beat up 25d to replace my stock dizzy on my 80. He did his magic and I swear the car has twice as much power now.
Jeff in TN
Jeff- *Awesome*…just wanted you to know that your re-working of the distributor resulted in a ‘different car’.
Idles well ; pulls through the range smoothly; and there is no more worry about the temperature gauge climbing upward.
This change has got to be one of the best investments one can make to their cars…I will pass the word re. your fine work. I really appreciate your taking the time to give your observations and advice too! Once again thanks! Al
80 MGB

Hey Jeff, the buddy called a while ago and is tickled shitless with the way his (new ride ) runs!
‘74B rebuild done as a favor by a customer for a friend.
Received the distributor today and installed it. Set the timing at 11 degrees BTDC and the car ran great. The acceleration to 4000 rpm was better than anything the car had ever done. Great job! Thanks! I’ll send you my spare 25D for rebuild later this spring. Have a great week, and stay warm.

I have a newly Jeff-ed dizzy.
“Jeff-ed.” LOL! A new verb!
Do yourselves a favor and before you throw big bucks at a hope send your dizzy to Jeff for recurve. Jeff has done a load of them for many of us and everyone is blown away what a difference it makes. Best of all its original looking. A lot of people bag on these stock dizzy’s because they never had one set up right with the proper curve.

I’ll bet Jeff would do a money back guarantee. If he won’t I will. His work and integrity is that good. He’s one of the best things that happened to my car during the restoration.
Gary MGB

Wow what a difference!!! This is like driving a whole new car. It
accelerates like I have added a supercharger. I will send you the
distributor from the other MG next week. I can hardly wait until our next
club meeting to show off!. Well done. Keep up the good work. I will be
telling everyone who will listen about your services (including a couple of
my son’s friends who are working on older BMW’s)
Thanks again:
Steve MGB

Customer recommended performance upgrades: Here’s about as far as I’m ever going to go on mine, performance-wise – and I should get some decent results: Head and intake manifold P&P’d by Sean Brown; Carbs done by Hap (with K&N filters); Jeff Schlemmer scattering chicken entrails or whatever voodoo he does for dizzies; Datsun 5-speed conversion; seat heaters.

Thanks for your help regarding the choise of a rebuilder for my distributor.
I have ordered a dizzy at Advanced Distributors and recieved that today.Jeff is a nice chap and his work is gorgeous.I ‘m very pleased with my “As New” distributor for $200.
Frans in Belgium TR6

Didn’t have time yesterday. This morning I got it in and timed. Was a
little nervous at first as the car wouldn’t fire and ran rough until
it warmed up. Then everything was good to go. I timed it at 10
degrees idle and took it for a run. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! I love this
dizzy. I was a little concerned as the plate the points ride on seems
loose of able to flex a lot. Couldn’t see a way to tighten it though.

Sure has a lot more zip. No flat spots off the line. Sweet!

You should contact Bob at Brittek and others about your service. I
already talked you up to Bob.




I installed the distributor this evening. Very easy. I adjusted the timing to your specifications and took a short test drive. The car performs beautifully. Acceleration is powerful and smooth. I still have to fine-tune the idle and perhaps make small adjustments to the carbs, but I don’t think the car has run this well since it was new.
Thank you.

Dale ’74 TR6

Just wanted to thank you for your work. It took me a while, but I got the distributor installed last weekend. While it was out of the way, I wanted to replace the oil hoses and clean out the oil cooler. And I
wanted to make sure that I got everything put back right the first time. Turned out that the distributor may not have been the reason the car quit running. I found a very, very loose wire on the alternator.
Whether or not it was the problem, though, what a difference having it rebuilt makes!! Even with my uneven compression, the car runs far smoother. I set the static timing @ 8 degrees BTDC to begin with to allow for the unleaded fuel, planning to adjust it as needed. Haven’t seen necessary to mess with it. No “pinking” at all. Doesn’t run on or shake when shutting down. Starts well with less choke than before.
Actually idles at less than 1000 rpm. I got caught in stop and go traffic on the way home tonight. Normally that would be the pits, car would kinda surge, need constant fiddling with the gas pedal to keep from dying. No problem. Didn’t matter whether I had my foot on the gas or not.


Thanks for the quick turnaround. Dizzy came in yesterday but I had to work late. Installed it tonight. Seems to be working great. Idle is much more even, no lag on light acceleration and smooth running at 70mph where I was getting a slight surging.

Hope the little one is treating you well.
Thanks Again,


Jeff, Just put the distributor in I had recurved by you and it runs great. What a difference! I have the timing set at 10 degrees before tdc, and will leave it there for now. I’ll check it again when the weather gets a little nicer, (right now it is about 29 degrees and the “B” doesn’t really like it) Thanks again…….Vic


Aloha Jeff,

I fine tuned the timing yesterday. It is like driving a new car! The idle is nice and smooth at about 550 – 600 RPM. I no longer have a lack of power on acceleration until the revs reached 2000. The power is there on acceleration at any RPMs. Thanks, I am very pleased with the results, my forty-nine year old distributor look like new and probably works better than new.



Chalk up one more for Jeff at “advanced distributors”. Sent him a broken down spare dist that I had laying on the shelf and he brought it back to life. Repaired broken collar, bushing, cam, install new pertronix, new vac advance and recurve. It’s a thing of beauty. The car runs absolutely perfect. And a flat spot in the throttle that has bugged me for a long time is gone.

Thanks Jeff great service and great prices.


I have to second the testimonials above having just received my “spare” distributor back from Jeff. The speed of the turn around, the visual quality of the work and the communication during the rebuild was great. Installation has been delayed due to wanting to put a g-meter in the car for a before and after test but I’m looking forward to the improvement.
Oops, if we keep singing Jeff’s praises he’s liable to raise his prices on us.

K. Mott


Recently received my dizzy back from Jeff. About ten days total time even with a newborn on the day he received it. Looking at the results with a timing light is wonderful, its rock steady. Idle and acceleration are much improved.


Jeff- I have been out of town and came home to find my distributor waiting for me. If it works half as well as it looks, I’ll be one happy camper!
I installed the dizzy in my 67 Mustang today and it works great. I use the old school (maybe odd school) approach to set timing…set the idle timing for max rpm and then maybe back off a degree or two if it pings at high rpm. That’s what I did and it is running great…you nailed it!

Thanks again.



Let’s hear it for Jeff – the Dizzy guy! I sent him my dizzy from my 69 B over two months ago during a rare warm spell in the weather. He rebuilt it and sent it back to me within a week. Alas, then the weather went in the toilet and between frigid cold temperatures and snow, I haven’t had a chance til now to reinstall the dizzy and test it out.

WOW – my car actually didn’t run bad, before. But, now, it goes like a stripped assed ape! Thanks, Jeff – I’ll bet you thought I perished by the wayside.
Tom ’69 MGB
I put my jeff rebuilt dizzy in today and the car is running smoother than I have ever seen it and all I can say power wise is WOW and WOW backwards even.

Thanks to Jeff’s wonder dizzy my idle is down to 750 and smooth as silk. Prior to that any lower than 850 was asking for trouble.
You can’t beat Jeff for distributors. I thought my B was well tuned and great running till I put my rebuilt distributor in. Totally changed the way the car runs. It now runs smoother all over the rpm range and very smooth at idle. The B has more power and grunt at lower rpms yet accelerates even faster at high speeds.
Stewart ’75 MGB


Hi Jeff,

I had some very busy times with a new PC and a broken clutch at the TR.
But this weekend it was time to place the distributor to the car. Afterwards I took the car for a ride at high rpm’s at a Industrial Zone not so far from the place were I live and it is a place with a straight street for a few miles. No risk of people and no speed control. Here I could test the car and I was happily surprised with the dizzy; it takes smooth from low RPM and that’s important for a streetcar. But it is even better at high speed.
So, I want to let you know that I’m very pleased with the product you have send me. Thanks Jeff!!!!




The distributor is in and the engine runs and idles wonderfully. It has made this three-year struggle well worthwhile. After some slight carb adjustment I plan to hit the road tomorrow. I feel really good about this restoration because it was made from two cars that were in such bad shape they would have scrapped for parts. One will be junked because it is so rusty. The 72 is a first class car.
Sending the other 25D next week.
Thanks so much.
Mike S.


I finally got around to putting the rebuilt dizzy back in and it runs SO much better. The misfires and spitting are gone even with the bad trigger and the acceleration is very smooth. I have a new trigger on order so it should be perfect soon. What a great service you provide!


Scott ’72 TR6


Hey Jeff-

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you the distributor is great! Not only does it look like new, but the car runs fantastic. (and that’s only idling in the garage!) I can’t wait to get it out on the road to try it out…we just need some rain to wash the salt off the roads yet! I have the initial timing set at 15 degrees BTDC like you recommended, and it really seems to like that. To tell you the truth, it ran well at zero degrees right off the bat!

Thanks for your great work on the distributor!

Tony Wadzinski
Buick Electra 430


Well, the mail came today and inside was the rebuilt 25D from Jeff. It looks nothing like what I sent to him…which was in about 10 pieces.
When my Wife came home she was way more excited then I was saying, “Is THAT MY distributor?”
So not ten seconds later she is looking at the calendar to see when the best weekend would be to bring the car out of it’s winter home. Unfortunately… it isn’t the time. So…. I have this beautiful rebuilt Dizzy, getting a great set of rebuilt SU’s and no car to enjoy.
Come on Spring…
Thanks for great service Jeff… Can hardly wait to test it out.


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Couldn’t stand it any longer. Ate a little dinner and headed out to the garage and plugged in the dizzy.
WOW!!!!!!! I have a great idle now with none of the pop pop from the exhaust that I used to have. Set timing to about 15 degrees at 1000 RPM. Using my advance timing light, noticed almost no advance just off throttle, and then, zoom! 32 degrees.! I’m pretty sure I can go up to about 34 degrees with no harm. Engine sounds great now and returns to a smooth idle with no popping at the exhaust. No “drift” at the timing marks now. I will tune it fully tomorrow and go out for a road test!
You, Sir, are a GENIUS!!!!!!!!!

Mike and Ronda


Just wanted to let you know I got it all hooked up the other night.
It was very easy! After some basic tuning the throttle response is
drastically better, and the engine seems to rev more freely. The idle
is also smoother.
Thanks for your great pricing and support!
If everything I needed for my cars was this easy and well done…I
would have been done long ago!
Jason Plank


Well everything I read on this site about Jeff Schlemmer’s work is certainly true, and very helpful. Mine had not been touched in many years and Jeff’s rebuild made a ton of difference. I’m very glad I sent mine off to him, his work is a real value!

Thanks Jeff!

Doug ’72 MGB



All I can say is WOW! The car has never run so well! I have it at around 11’ BTDC, but I feel I still have some room to advance it a bit. I’ll have to go find a hill and test it out. The first thing I noticed was the exhaust!! It’s never sounded so good!! I can’t believe the difference it made.

I’ll keep fine tuning it and let you know how it works. Thanks for being so supportive and helping me out with everything!

-Brandon – Healey 3000