Curve Worksheet

Here is the worksheet you can download and fill out:

Curve Worksheet Printable: Curve Worksheet 2023

Please fill out as much of this worksheet as you can, and include it in the box with your repairable distributor.  You do NOT need to fill out every line.  I will call and ask any questions necessary to properly rebuild and tune your distributor!

How to send in your distributor:

Please leave the distributor assembled as it came out of the engine.  I do not need the cap or wires unless you are trying to remedy a problem with them.  

I do not need or want the pedestal that the distributor sits in, but I can restore it for an extra charge.  You may leave the clamp attached to the distributor, especially if it has a coating of insulating rust or paint.  I can remove a stuck/seized pedestal.  

Never remove any necessary components of your distributor or send in a disassembled distributor without prior verbal approval.  I need to test each one before disassembly to help diagnose faults. The discovery process of disassembly is critical to a thorough rebuild.  

Package it tightly in a strong box.  Think ahead about how the box will be handled along its route to MN.  Extra damage from shipping can usually be repaired at an extra cost, but is typically avoidable with enough crumpled newspaper, shopping bags, etc…  Large space filling air packets make very poor padding and usually arrive popped. Bubble wrap is great.  

You may use any convenient shipper.  UPS, USPS, whoever you prefer, but FedEx has more risk in my area than others. Keep and utilize your tracking information, and please use that as your go-to when worrying about the package’s arrival.  If I verify every package’s arrival, rebuilds get set back 10 hours a week, every week. If you call to ask, please understand that everyone will ask and the setback in production is real.  

Most important:

Include the curve worksheet in the box with your distributor.  Fill out all your contact info as I WILL NOT rebuild a distributor if I cannot contact the owner via info INSIDE the box.  Please take the time to fill out as much of the form as you can. Carb, cam, compression are critical info!!! 

Cylinder pressures = compression test results (psi)

Compression ratio = calculated compression IE: 8.8:1  

One or the other is fine if you know which cam is installed.  DO NOT guess or you may end up with a distributor that doesn’t work properly in your engine.