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We offer distributor rebuilding and distributor recurving services for rare, antique, and collector vehicles.

We specialize in repairing and modifying Lucas distributors, but also repair Bosch, Delco, Prestolite, and many other makes!

We can recurve or rebuild virtually any unique, common, or orphan brand distributor for cars, trucks, tractors,or other gas engine vehicles.

A distributor recurve may be the "missing link" to great performance from YOUR engine!!!





Our current rebuild turn-around time is 3-4 weeks!

This includes our time to build a distributor from inventory, including the Supreme Ignition Kit. Sorry for the delay. info updated 10/21/2014.

To send in your distributor for repairs, please print the Curve Worksheet in red to the upper left of this screen and send it in with your distributor at any time!



We have new fully assembled breaker plate assemblies on hand to improve our distributor rebuilds! These fit most all DM2, 22D, and 25D distributors - used in the vast majority of Lucas distributors from 1955 - 1974.

The breaker plate includes our new points and condensers! The new points are trouble free, and in most cases will rev to 8000 rpms+ with no points bounce, very good wear characteristics, and a proper fit as original!


We manufacture high performance red ignition ROTORS currently available for all 22D, 23D, 25D and DM2 4 cylinder distributors AND the 6 cylinder version to fit all common CCW rotation Lucas distributors! They fit better than any rotor currently available, and ALL the common causes of failure have been eliminated. You may note that there is NO rivet to come loose, they're red so there's NO carbon to cause tracking, and the shaft fit is perfect! This is TRULY a premium product!!! They're being sold at $15 for two rotors (so you always have a spare to bail out your friends).

We also offer a new "topside" timing pointer and timing tape kit for the 1800 MGB engines and the 1275s that have the factory bottom-mount pointers. If you're sick of climbing under your car to check ignition timing, these inexpensive kits are for you. $20. They also have the added benefit of extended marks, so you can check your vacuum advance operation, AND full distributor advance! Find them in the Products menu above, or call for details!.

We own a proprietary cleaning machine that does automated polishing! This is a REM finishing machine (uses media and chemical cleaning), so it can polish steel shafts, aluminum housings, hardened weights, etc... The results are impressive by anyone's standards!!!


Rebuild costs vary from distributor to distirbutor, typically from $99-400 depending on complexity and condition. Normal Lucas costs - $130-200 with some Jags exceeding $300. Delco $200-225, Autolite $200-225, Bosch $200-350,


Tune-up products are available at the click of a button. Many distributors will remain custom-order items, with common distributor packages listed. You can find all the new information about the products listed above in the "Products" section!!! The store is a work in progress and will be updated frequently, so check back and see what's new!!!



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