Advanced Distributors

17495 Marystown Road
Shakopee, MN 55379


We offer full rebuild services for all Triumph distributors including:

TR2, 3, 4, 4A, 6, 7, 8, TR250, GT-6, and Spitfire. This also includes variants that used the Triumph engines like the TVR and Morgan. If I forgot any, we do those too!

Full evaluations will be done on each distributor after they are cleaned and disassembled. Most Lucas distributors will be $200 or less, Delco $200-250 for a rebuild including new custom shaft bushings, vac rebuild, new breaker plate when available, etc.... There can be additional parts prices if normally reused parts are worn beyond reasonable use.

Vacuum advance rebuild $35 Other parts may be necessary if the old unit was damaged, at a small additional cost.


Crack repair at clamp shown on right


Vacuum advance conversions are availabel for the TR6 Lucas 22D distributors with a specially modified advance rate and a thumb-wheel timing adjuster for $90.

I WILL NOT install a Pertronix in a TR6! I install points!!! Pertronix units will sense spark plug wire magnetic noise and randomly discharge the coil when the module sees the magnetic field around the wire (instead of the rotating magnets.) When the next spark plug attempts to fire, the coil will not be fully charged, resulting in a rich fuel mixture that cannot be precisely tuned due to its random nature.



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